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 Carpet Cleaning Products & Carpet Cleaning Accessories

With over 40 years of experience, Chemspec Europe is the market leader in the provision of Professional Cleaning Products, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Cleaning Training Courses and Carpet Cleaning Technical Advice & Aftercare to the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Industries. We offer the largest range of carpet and upholstery cleaning products in the world and stock hundreds of other specialist cleaning products for a wide variety of applications and environments including Fire Damage and Flood Restoration Cleaning Products, Spot and Stain Removal Products, Chemical Free Cleaning Products, Fabric Cleaning Products, Hard Floor Cleaning Products, Wood Floor Cleaning Products, Deodorisation Products, Carpet Cleaning Products and Natural Green Cleaning Products.

Chemspec’s commitment to a healthier and detergent free environment is demonstrated by our range of detergent and chemical free cleaning products including Laundry Powder, Dishwasher Liquid, Toilet Cleaner, Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner, Window Cleaner and a multipurpose, multi dosing cleaning spray for every wet cleanable surface. All our detergent and chemical free cleaning products have been independently verified and have received widespread prestigious and independent validation.

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